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What is Musical City ?

Musical City is a project born from a passion for music, digging deep in the archives and curiosity. I’ve decided to share this passion of music by curating playlists and sharing music I enjoy with everyone. The idea behind this is to incite people to go out of their comfort zone and try new music and discover things ! But I've decided to do it in a more accessible way, since music is large and we can get lost in it easily.

Musical City is more than just a playlist series, it's a travel. Each playlist is assigned to a building/location in a city, each one being linked to the overall vibe of the genre. Death Metal has the graveyard, Ambient has the library and so on... There's no precise goal to this, it's just how I'd associate each genre to a city...

Musical City Kiosk Examples

Weekly thematic playlist - The Kiosk

In addition to the 70+ playlists already existing, Musical City also curates every week a crop of 20 tunes all according to a theme or a vibe : Obscure 70's albums, Chiptune, Music for studying... 

Updated every Sunday on this playlist 

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